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Book Review | Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World!

Why hello there,

I AM DETERMINED TO FINISH A BLOGPOST! OK, I haven't posted in a while and that's because I have honestly been way too busy eating donuts and 'revising.' In all seriousness, I haven't had much spare time because I've been meeting friends, writing, reading and all that kind of stuff... sorry.

But, I am finally about to review a book! (What I started this blog for in the first place...) And this book will be...


Sweet mother of donuts! This was one fantastic book, it left me shocked, happy and annoyed, but it was honestly the most beautiful story I have ever read.

It is about a boy called Stephen Shulevitz who falls in love with his best friend, Mark (a strong Christian.) Which is very peculiar, because I actually bought this book after I thought of the idea for mine and I had no idea what the story was about...

Back on topic, the novel is basically centered around Stephen and his life dealing with being gay and losing friends and having a crap father (oops) and being bullied and first love and all the wonderful parts of being a teenager.

The storyline flowed perfectly, as if it was string rolling off its ball. There were also a lot of lovely quotes that I really should have highlighted, because it was so beautifully written and explained. It wasn't even a lovey dovey book because it defiantly emphasised the whole 'life is a bitch' scenario which I loved, it made me connect with Stephen even more because it felt so real.

I also loved the idea of living in old school America, going to house parties in your own car, going to college, walking at night and doing all the awesome things that Stephen does in this book. The novel also shows the darker side to Stephen, with his self abuse and suicidal thoughts, yet the balance between his depression and happiness was totally even and for every time I was sad for Stephen, there was a laugh to match.

The book is quite long, about 100,000 words, but it is all worth it. Every. Single. Word.

Stephen is a very relatable character because unlike quite a few books, the character is human. What I mean by this is that Stephen makes wrong decisions, he treats people unfairly and sometimes he is a total @*!! This just makes him even more real to me and the way he can be so cruel and so kind in a peculiar way, makes me like him more!

There are other characters that are included in this book, and one thing comes to mind with every character, they're relatable and honest, which is a great quality for characters to have in my opinion.

The book also made me laugh at a few points, it almost felt like me and Stephen had inside jokes or something like that.

Overall, it was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it!!

If you want to buy this book, then you can check out the author (Janet E Cameron)'s website here:

And you can also get it here:

Thanks for reading this, I'll try to post a bit sooner next time :)

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